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Alice Coopers the shit [Dec. 2nd, 2003|12:13 pm]
yea, im bored as fuck. at school, downloading the coop on soulseek, and master and commander from some warez site. good movie, totally classic phipher. this whole thanksgiving break kicked ass, didnt do much of anything, in the way of going anywhere, but stayed home and saw tina alot...mmm, good break
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Man,we're cool... [Nov. 27th, 2003|10:24 am]
[music |The Partisans- 17 Years of Hell]

At like 10:00 at night, me zac, porto, adam, teddy, justin, and clint all went to neil hill and went sledding. we were the oldest people their, and eventually scared off the children with our slang and senseless profanity. and i dont think hitting the children with the sleds on the way down the hill helped make them stay...but it was fun as fuck, and zac slid down the whole way on his shoes which was pretty fuckin cool lookin....
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Finally im not so fuckin mopey [Nov. 22nd, 2003|04:53 pm]
[mood |calmcalm]
[music |Blitz-We're the Boys]

Had a really good day today, went to tinas, even though i still couldnt go to the fuckin concert...o well, ther'll be others...tina will just have to wait till christmas, heh...im pondering on 3 things to get her for christmas, but it seems as if one has been destroyed...but yea, go to my site, its workin now!!! www.steel-caps.com
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gonna shoot somebody... [Nov. 21st, 2003|11:51 pm]
fuck! someone beat some sense into my parents, im almost fuckin 18, they treat me like im fuckin 10. im so fucking pissed, and i doubt i can fuckin go to yea yea yeas tomorrow. saw tina today, she looked really nice...i miss her, she'll fuck 'em nice n good for me...i'll smakc my dad with a bat, tina'll get my mom with a lightsaber to tha face....excellent, its all falling into place...
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Damn you vile weed... [Nov. 21st, 2003|10:43 am]
yea, i didnt get to go to againt me yesterday, had to help dad rake shit. I got to read alot though, Dracula is aweshum... Im probably goin to a concert staurday though, hopefully i dont feel as sick. i gotta find a place to crash tonight, dont wanna stay at moms! fuuuuck, someone let me sleep in their basement or somethin...
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MP3 Site up again [Nov. 19th, 2003|10:09 am]
i finally am gettin my mp3 site up again. the other one got deleted by the person who owns the hosting company when we deleted domain names. but yea, this is still gonna have full albums of punk bands, so i'll let people know when its completed. let me know if you have any requests as to what albums you want on there.
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mowar seedees [Nov. 17th, 2003|08:53 am]
[music |Boots And Braces-Saturday Night]

i got an oxymoron vinyl and a bruisers cd at extreme noise. fuck, oxymoron is too fucking good...maybe their not human... but yes, very good album. i also got tina an anchor patch, ich wicked aweshome. i also got spizz, adam and the ants, the crack, and another business cd, thanks to justin. fuuuuck, i hate school...
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fuck girls!! [Nov. 15th, 2003|12:24 pm]
[music |Tough Shit Wilson]

tina, i love you! help me kill girls...i got a plan, come over, we'll kill em....your the only cool one, and your friend sof course...but the rest must go...love you...
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ExtremeNoise [Nov. 14th, 2003|01:18 pm]
[music |The Doors-Break On Through]

i get to go to EN today after school, should be pretty sweet. havent been there for a while. sucks ass though, im grounded from car till the end of the month. hopefully i'll be able to use it saturday :).fuck, i also remembered i might have work over the against me concert, im gonna try to tell my boss to shove it and let me have it off. but yea, im probably just gonna get lots a 7 inches and a few tapes. patches or somthin too...but yep, should be sweet.
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Huge as fuck amp [Nov. 12th, 2003|10:27 am]


Got a half stack yesterday for 50 bucks, its cool as hell. Titty was originally selling it for like $300, but he traded it instead for my old piano organ thing. We were gonna give it away anyways, but fuck yea, half stack! God, this girl is pissing me off! I hate her face, ahh, fuckadffsg!

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